The week: Aug. 17-23

Well, that's it folks. Summer vacation is officially over - Liam starts 1st grade (probably stress AND denial mom) today, and although Carolina still has a couple of weeks before preschool - it feels like she might as well be starting now too.
The kids had a great week, all the grandparents kept them very busy and well entertained with zoo trips, swimming, camp-outs and s'mores. Frankly, they were exhausted by the weekend, but it was the best kind of tired. Liam had such a good week he's not really wanting to go back to school. I hope he has a change of heart after this coming week - he is going to have the best 1st grade teacher we have (in my opinion) and I can't imagine that he won't love school.
I had such a busy week that I really didn't have time to be depressed about going back to work. I basically didn't have time for anything - I didn't see very much of my family, but that's how it always is... then it settles down after a few weeks. I had open house on Friday and met all but ONE of my students, that's pretty impressive in case you didn't know. They were all so cute and seemed to be very sweet and had the nicest families. I saw a lot of old students as well, I love it when they come back to say hi to me :) I still only have 23 in my class, that's a very nice number especially compared to last year. I really am looking forward to a great year with this class, it's just exhausting to get through the beginning. My classroom is ready, but my lesson plans aren't quite there yet. Pray for me.
Back to pictures - naturally I didn't take many this week - but thankfully Grandma did... here's their backyard camp out that they were SO excited about...

Carolina asked Liam to take her inside to pee like every 5 minutes and bothered him until he finally went to sleep inside - poor kid - this is why on vacations we have to split up girls in one bed and boys in the other, because she just can't leave him alone.

Liam desperately needed a haircut - it's... kind of... not what I was going for... but it grows fast, and I'm thinking it will at least grow out well and hopefully last a while.

And this happened one weeknight when I was particularly stressed and needed a little break - we finally went to the Hawaiian restaurant in Nampa that we've been stalking forever. It was SO good... and truly - really - felt like we were on vacation in Maui while we were in there. The owner was so friendly, the aloha spirit is real guys. I had the fried rice with Portuguese sausage and mac salad (which was the first thing I devoured).

And this was a gift from a new student at open house - a Starbucks gift card and a You Are Here mug - can you believe it?! I think I must have a reputation ;-)

Now that school is in session, fall soccer should be starting up any day, and hopefully some cooler temps will come with it - and maybe some rain to wash out the smoke in the air. I'm ready for it - here we go.
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