The week: Aug. 10-16

And there it is, summer vacation is over. I'm at work as you read this, and I'm probably not feeling too great about it. At least this is the "easy" week... we don't have to go in quite so early, go out to lunch, mostly have meetings etc. The meetings lately have been stressful so I'm hoping for the best. 
Back to last week... You probably heard about the Soda Fire here in Idaho... it feels like it's practically in our backyard. The pictures of it are beautiful, but it is really devastating... and no it's not so pretty anymore, it's just making the sky gray, the air smokey, and coating everything in ash. Plus the weather was blazing hot - over 100, plus it was really windy. Bless those firemen!

Miss Carolina - oh this girl cracks me up. She's such a mix of girly-girl and tom-boy. Her current favorite shirt is one of Liam's old Star Wars ones (hole and all). --> Speaking of which did you see that Disneyland is building a STAR WARS LAND!!!!

Todd and I celebrated our 12th anniversary - we went to see Mission Impossible and had dinner at Barbacoa, then we drove around and got lost, it was fun :)

While we were out the kids went fishing with Papa and Grandma - the lake had just been stocked, so it was quite eventful - Steve said they caught one nearly every time they cast! Carolina caught one and squealed when Papa pulled it out of the water for her!!

Liam caught several, and was at least brave enough to hold it... although his smile does look forced. 

Jen and I went out shopping on Saturday to try to get away from the smoke a bit, and because it was finally cooler outside. This little buddy is a good shopper!

And then one more with Lina (I just don't seem to have as many opportunities to take pictures of Liam) - she loves this dog... a little too much, frankly. But aren't they cute together!

I managed to get everything done that I really needed to do, and relaxed a bit too. Carolina got a nasty cold so we were stuck at home in our pajamas for a whole day - which led to watch of TV, books, and just laying around... it wasn't so bad. 
Well I won't say I'm ready, but I can't say that I'm not. '15-'16 School year - here we come.
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