Pin(s) of the Week: Easy Chicken Enchiladas & Spanish Rice

Our friends made us a delicious Mexican meal from top to bottom: chicken enchiladas, spanish rice, homemade refried beans and horchata! I couldn't stop eating it - it was like my dinner and dessert. So I stole the pins from her and here they are... 

Easy Chicken Enchiladas made with precooked rotisserie chicken. Great for the freezer and gluten free when you use corn tortillas!
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Easy Chicken Enchiladas
Spanish Rice 
(I did not do beans from scratch but here is the link if you want to!)

I've learned a few things from making them twice now...
The rice - nothing to it, super easy, and you can double or triple it, but just a single recipe makes more than enough for 4.
The enchiladas - use the smallest tortillas you can find, and if you use corn then get the "super soft" kind. If you don't want to take the time to pick the chicken off of a rotisserie (I hate how long it takes) then you can to crockpot chicken - about 3 chicken breasts or 9 tenders - but chop the chicken after it's cooked, don't shred it superfine like I did. Katie mixed a medium and a mild sauce for her enchiladas, I used a single kind of red (and it wasn't my favorite), and also did a pan with green enchilada sauce and pepperjack cheese - they were the favs for us. The recipe doesn't say to leave foil on the enchiladas, but I would so that the tortilla ends don't get crispy.
My way of making beans is a can or two of refried beans with a little milk, sour cream, and salsa thrown in and mixed up with a hand blender so they're more restaurant style.
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