Maui: Videos & Pictures (because I can't stop)

Ok - so these videos aren't crazy exciting - they are mostly beaches and beautiful scenery and are just relaxing... personally. And they are also the last post of Maui. *sigh* When can I go back? Now? Ok.
The kids loved Kapalua beach - and we did too - it was our favorite for snorkeling and nice sand and waves that weren't too big, but just enough fun for the kids.

This is just the gorgeous view from the "condo beach" - I don't know the real name for it - it was in front of our condo and a walk to the left a little ways - it was always full of turtles by those rocks.

A 360 degree view of the Iao Valley and Needle.... cameras don't do it justice.

Just watching the wind and waves from our lanai.

And finally the sunrise and scenery from in front of our condo. Wow.

And because I found more pictures on my phone that I hadn't posted elsewhere... here they are...
The grounds of the Hyatt - gorgeous gardens

Oh you know, just a rainbow as you're driving down the highway

cutest little church

I rarely like pictures of myself - but I kind of love this one

cool lava formation

and another turtle shot, just because

I love Maui for so many reasons - but I think my favorite may be that there are no expectations - you can live in your swimsuit, never do your hair or make-up, never wear socks or shoes, and really relax. I loved it. Can you tell?
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