Maui: Maui Ocean Center

There are very few things in Maui that we like to do that cost us (besides eating out) - I mean, I hardly even did any shopping on this trip it seemed like - and no luau or ziplining for us! The Maui Ocean center is a pricey but very nice aquarium that we had been to on the last few trips to Maui and we knew we wanted to take the kids this time. We almost ran out of time to do it though - there were always things going on everyday that we didn't want to miss out on, plus the sun would just melt you if you were directly in it (and lots of the ocean center is outdoors). We picked a day that was overcast and a little stormy, but it turned out to be perfect. The kids especially loved seeing the sharks, playing with the interactive dolphin area, touching sea stars, and then of course - the gift shop.

They have a cool walk through tunnel with 360 degree visibility in a big tank of different rays, sharks, and fish.
Ew, sea cucumbers. I like being the parent when I can say "touch the ______" enthusiastically meanwhile keeping my hands in my pockets.

The jellyfish tank is my favorite.

P.S. This post, from 5 years ago...
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