Maui: Food!

The food is usually my favorite part of any trip - and this was no exception. We had lots of  fresh fish, and cold refreshing treats, and lots of great Hawaiian iced-coffee. Our plan was to eat out once a day, restaurants in Maui are not cheap, but they are really really good. Once we came home no restaurants sounded good, and when we did eat out, it didn't even taste good compared to Maui. I got spoiled.

Our NEW favorite - the Island Cream Co. - seriously, I've never had better ice cream. And they had lots of unique tropical flavors like Lahaina Cream, Hilo Hot Choclate (quite spicy), Banana Chip (my fav), and the usuals like Taro and Coconut and Pina Colada. But the cinnamon waffle come, homemade chocolate fudge and mac nuts on top were just the perfect toppings.

It's not a vacation until you have a frozen tropical drink in hand!

We ate at the highly suggested Leoda's. It's a cute store, and the food was delicious (especially the pie - which they are known for).... but there was no AC and man was it HOT. 

We stopped in Paia on our way back from the Iao Valley, because Todd and I had never been there, and because Curtis Stone said these were the best fish tacos he'd ever had... so we got some. And yes, we agreed with Mr. Stone. We would've loved to go back and try something else!

Shave ice is a must in Hawaii - and Ululani's is THE place to go on Maui. We got Lilikoi, Tiger's blood, and Li  Hing Mui (with ice cream in the center).

Months before we went on vacation we were scoping places to eat/see/visit of course - and this one popped up on Instagram. It became our obsession until we got there, oh, and after we got there. The lemonades were so so fresh, and so not sickly sweet - do you get sick from lemonade? I do, usually, but not from my pineapple ginger lemonade - it was to die for. Shown below was actually a lava flow that Todd ordered. Anf yes - we bought and brought home that sweet mason jar cup. We all badly wanted to go back here, but it was in Kihei on the eastern side of the island and we just didn't have time.

But this... this was my favorite thing to eat. On the lanai, looking out at the ocean. The freshest Hawaiian Papaya you can get... with a squirt of lime. I ate a whole one every day. Heaven.

Oh my gosh... I really wish I could eat like this every day. The crazy thing was I didn't gain typical vacation weight - but lost it! Between hours of swimming and snorkeling and not being all that hungry due to the heat, plus fish and fruit - even the ice cream was fine with my fat cells apparently. I'll have you know I've gained it all back - but still... it was nice while it lasted :)
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