5 Things ...

I'm honestly not trying to think about the fact that this is my last day of summer... I can say it here, and still tell myself it's not happening. I'm good at compartmentalizing that way. There are lots of things I did this summer that I really wanted to! I was spoiled to death this summer, which is I think more why I don't want it to end... I guess I'm never satisfied.

Here are 5 Things I Did That I Wanted To Do:
1. I/we went a lot of places.
2. I read several books.
3. I cleaned out and organized the whole house.
4. I/we spent lots of time with friends.
5. I didn't miss the birth of my nephew.

Here are 5 Things I Will Miss:
2. Being with my kids almost 24/7
3. Having time to do everything I need and want to do
4. Sunday nights (not being stressed and busy)
5. My house

And because I'm making myself do this... 5 Things I Will Like About Back-to-School:
1. Seeing my co-worker friends
2. Having a smaller class
3. Back-to-School / Fall fun activities
4. Feeling like I've done something with my life on a daily basis
5. Routine
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