Pin of the Week: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza - this pizza is INCREDIBLE! BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, fresh pineapple, bacon, red onion, mozzarella and cilantro.
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I was pretty sure I've made one of these before, but I couldn't find a link on my blog, so here goes! This is a DELICIOUS pizza! It's not a super simple recipe, there are more than a few steps and things to prepare - BUT it's so good, it's really worth it. I did make it a little easier by using the pre-made pizza dough from Trader Joes. I also added thin slices of jalapeno, and left the red onion off of my half of the pizza : ) Don't skip the step about brushing the dough with garlic and olive oil - that really added a delicious kick to it! Here's the link!
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