Maui: The View (Beaches, Kahoolawe, Molokai, Rainbows!)

Our second day (first full day) in Maui we woke up super early  - not only because of the time difference but definitely with help from the birds, they were so LOUD! I mean like, really really loud. We went out for breakfast and then headed back to Kahului for Costco and Target to get groceries (best Target ever, worst Costco ever... but still better than any Costco on the mainland).  But since we were up early we basically that whole day to enjoy the beaches and pool and amazing scenery. Just driving down the road blows your beyond because of how beautiful everything is. I mean, I can't imagine a more beautiful place than Maui, it just steals my heart everytime I go!
the view of Molokai from our lanai

Molokai from the Plantation House at Kapalua

the greatest little beach we walked to and swam most days

Honolua Bay, the best snorkel spot on the island - where we saw lots of turtles and manta ray
a gorgeous rainbow at Kapalua Bay

I mean...

Kahoolawe in the distance

Oh, I'm homesick now.
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