Maui: Us!

I probably have equal parts pictures of the beach and of the kids. I wish I had more honestly - and I took none with my nice camera! It's too bad, but the last thing anybody wants to do is get all ready and go have a photoshoot. 
waiting at the arrival gate!

It was such a delight to have the kids in Maui - they were the perfect ages - they loved everything and really were so easy. They loved learning Hawaiian words and saying "aloha" to everybody. Liam loved the waves, even though he definitely got tossed a few times too hard. Carolina was less enthused about the water until you dragged her in, and then she loved it - but she loved making sandcastles or burying body parts in the sand more. She could've sat there all day and played. I am very thankful both kids were fine to wear their rash guards all the time, and that we got Carolina a life vest for the ocean - both things made life a little easier.
really the only family picture we got and it's not that great - oh well (plus my hair is cray-cray)
On Liam's first time out snorkeling he immediately saw a giant sea turtle and completely lost his mind - like in a bad way. He freaked out and was screaming at the top of his lungs. Meanwhile, everyone else who is so pleased to see the turtle was looking at us/him like we were insane. Oh man, I wasn't sure he was going to get over it and Todd had to force him to get back in the water and snorkel, which thankfully he loved and was very excited about seeing all of the fish. I wish we had found Lina a little snorkel so she could see more as well!

Liam and Lina with their lava flows from Grandma and Papa

visiting Maui Coffee Farms

Liam with some honu on the beach

This is my fav new family picture! 
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