Six Surprise Summer Vacation!

Believe it or not I'm blogging from US 93, about an hour out of Las Vegas! Here's my plan for our Six Surprise Summer Vacation! I created surprise envelopes so when it's time to unveil a new surprise the kids have to open the envelope and figure it out. I mostly chose this for the purposes of me having something to capture their reactions on. Todd wanted to just wait until they figured it out, but my problem with that was... how will I know when to turn the camera on?! Of course with envelopes Liam can only read sight words, so I had to keep it really simple.
Here are the surprises, in chronological order...

1. We are going on a vacation NOW!
2. We are going to Las Vegas!
3. We are going to Disneyland!
4. Nana and Poppa are ALSO going to Disneyland!
5. We are going to Tahoe!
6. The Strawsers are ALSO going to Tahoe!

I will say that the reactions we already got on camera weren't blow-your-mind reactions, but the kids are really excited and live the envelope/surprise thing!

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