Six Surprise Summer Vacation - Day 7

On our last day of vacation we all slept in, had a good breakfast, and then the dads and kids went to play put-put while the moms did a little shopping. I mean little - there's not much shopping to do around South Lake Tahoe, but we did manage to find some cute Tahoe shirts! It had seriously warmed up by the afternoon so we headed down to the lake! 
Can I just say that pictures do not do it justice! It's 22 miles long and 12 miles wide and fades into a gorgeous turquoise, then teal, then dark blue color. But the beach we were at (Regan Beach) had about a 1/2 mile or more of shallow, wade-worthy lake. It was PERFECT for the kids - they played and played and build sandcastles and there were no complaints until tummies started rumbling. 

As you can see it was clear and calm, it was also very warm, and while the beach looks rocky - it was actually soft sand and easy to walk in. I was really sad I had accidentally left half my swimsuit at home - but just wading in it was so lovely.

After getting cleaned up we went to a REALLY yummy dinner, then walked through a little part of a bi-state National Forest that was right there - and then made s'mores at the big fire pit at our hotel. 

It was such a nice day, such a nice place - I really could've stayed another day or two! If I'd had more time I would've wanted to rent kayaks or paddleboards. I also would want to go on some of the hikes. The last day was just breakfast, coffee, and packing up before hitting the car. Thankfully without any pukes.

Todd and I aren't really "lake people", so I wasn't expecting too much, but we were all so enamored with it! I think we all thought it was kind of the gem of the trip.. maybe just for the fact that it was new! Just not enough time there, but we didn't know what we were getting into so we didn't plan for much time. Now we know we have another fun place, not too far away, that is good for families!

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