Six Surprise Summer Vacation - Day 5

Oh man, the last day in Disneyland is typically one of exhaustion and bittersweetness... this was probably our best day, in terms of doing a lot of fun things that we hadn't yet and being a little more relaxed, not having to squeeze in a parade and fireworks or reservations helped.
Here's how we were feeling that morning...

So we got this...

There were two bummers that morning - one, we had put our coffees in the stroller and parked it in the stroller parking area while we finally rode on Toy Story Midway Mania, and when we got off we found that a cast member had moved our stroller and spilled the coffees in the process... but they had apparently noticed it because the cups were righted - I should've made a complaint, because Cast Members really should do better than seeing a mess they made and not doing anything to clean up the (soaking) stroller or replenishing the coffees. 
but a lot of rides happened after that - the adults went on Screamin' (the kids faked it) and we went on Mickey's Fun Wheel (ferris wheel) which totally freaked me out, it's so high!

Then the adults (yes, this doesn't include me) went on Tower of Terror and I took the kids to get an enormous cookie at Ghirardelli and over to CarsLand.

 Lunchtime was delicious for us - and emotional for Carolina...

 Another park switch - and a family photo...

We hadn't been to Tom Sawyer Island / Pirate's Lair in years and it turned out to be one of the more fun things we did on this trip... the kids LOVED being able to run around and explore and just have some space. It was warm but there was lots of shady spots.

We hopped parks again because we had Faspasses to use - Carolina was not having family pictures - she had a hard time with waking up from naps, and spent a good chunk of the afternoons crabby.

Until you found her reset button.. like this - attacking Nana and laughing hysterically.

Mom and Dad left after this to get some shopping done in Downtown Disney, but I insisted we go back to Disneyland after the parade/fireworks craziness to squeeze in a few more rides and a little shopping and just to end this portion of the trip in the Magic Kingdom.

It was such a good trip, but I'm always so sad to see it end!

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