Six Surprise Summer Vacation - Day 6

While I was heartbroken to leave Disneyland the kids were at least excited to move on to our last two envelopes. My parents woke up super early to fly out and we weren't too far behind them, knowing we had at least 7 hours on the road ahead of us.

They didn't look too thrilled about the surprise because I think they didn't know what to expect - and neither did we! I can't say as I was all that excited about it either... but now that I know what Tahoe is like, we would all be SUPER stoked.
The car ride was not fun. Liam got car sick almost immediately and puked twice. Thankfully we were prepared and there wasn't a mess, but it felt like we had to stop every 30 minutes for a potential puke or a bathroom break. It took a lot longer than expected to get there. I was nervous that he might have a stomach bug, but he slept the last 2 hours and thankfully when we arrived he was good as gold.
There was a video of them opening their last envelope, which said to go to room # such and such, but it somehow is stuck in sideways mode - so here is the last one of them finding the room (which was not the number we had been told - so that's why Liam kept going)...

Our friends, and Liam's bff Owen, were already there! He was surprised almost speechless!
We ate dinner, walked around Heavenly village a bit, and visited the lake at sunset.

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