Settling into summer + a few goals

Although I should've been exhausted when we got back, I just wasn't. I think I was more reinvigorated! It was nice to be home, but I just wanted to stay gone. I think because last summer we just stayed home, I am really antsy to get out and travel.
I certainly haven't done any "recovering" from vacation - Liam had to jump right into VBS the next day and it was hard for all of us to wake up and be out the door before 9 every day. Right away Lina and I did a bunch of errands, chores, and some much needed work in the flower beds; we had playdates, and swam, and Todd and I even got a night out to dinner and a movie! And without batting an eye I agreed to go to McCall for a night with Jen and Grant, the next weekend. Todd wasn't so sure he wanted to go on another trip right away - poor guy doesn't get to relax in the summer - but you have to take these opportunities!
I just can't seem to get into a summer routine - although I am trying to make sure Liam does some homework and reading every day. And we're leaving again in a week and a half, so I'm not sure we'll find any routine before then anyway! I'm SO excited! Tahoe was good practice for Maui - ocean(like) water, sand, and sun!
I always have my goals for the summer - but this year I'm not so much focused on them.. when we get back from Maui there will only a month left! But I do have a few...

1. Finish flower beds - CHECK (except for ripping out the 2 thorny bushes, i'll need some guys for that job)
2. Read several books - to myself and the kids
3. Update Liam's bedroom theme
4. Shutterfly books!
5. Organize my school binders (ugh, I don't want to think about this one, but I know I've got to do it)
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