Quick McCall Trip

If you're wondering where my Father's Day post is, it's nowhere... yet, but there is this! Dinner at My Father's Place on Father's Day in McCall, Idaho.

We had the opportunity to meet Jen and Grant for a day/night in McCall. They needed a mini-vacation to get out of town before baby comes (only a few weeks left now!), and invited us along - so yes, we were home less than a week before we packed up and left again : ) And only a little over a week now until Maui! This summer is turning out exactly how I want! 
Anyway - we had dinner, played games, and watched movies the first night (we drove up after church so only had the evening), then the next day we had brunch at The Pancake House and headed out for a hike. 

This was the first real hike our kids have been on, I was excited. The kids were excited. They did really well for quite a while, so when we came to a crossroads of sorts we decided to take the longer route to see a few more things. And well, long story short, a few missed signs led to a much much longer hike than we thought. A 3 hour hike, a 3 hour hike. Without water or snacks. At some point both kids fell and got scraped up. Lina had to be carried most of the way and Liam a little bit too. 

But really, for what it ended up being they did so so well - so did the men who had to carry them, and so did the very pregnant lady! Once it was over we went straight to get some huge delicious ice cream cones - and it was all worth it! We had to head home after that, so it was a really quick trip - like 24 hours! I wish we could've stayed with them for another day, but I'm SO SO glad we got to go for the one night at least, it was FUN!

... and we saw 2 deer!
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