The week: May 4-10

This will be a short one... the week passed... I don't really remember what happened - of course I was busy, I only had time to get exercise twice. It seemed like we had a lot of after-school things going. Jen and I cleaned baby stuff out of the garage and carted it over to her house. And we did get the rest backyard finished! 
Liam was talking about how if we want Ripley to have baby pups we need to find her a boy dog. I started telling him how Ripley can't have puppies... and he interrupted me and said "until she has a husband." Haha! Sadly, that's still a no, son.

The weather was really nice over the weekend and we went to our favorite drive-in where Carolina stuffed too much corn dog into her mouth.

Liam asked if I would take this picture of him - he purposefully set his face like that and posed just so. 

I went and got my license renewed - oooh, so exciting. No. I waited for over an hour to have the world's worst picture taken. The DMV has a reputation for a reason. But I did like my new dress, and ring, and fingernail polish, and sandals. My birthday came early this year ;)

Oh Mother's Day! I almost forgot because I have no pictures! I purposely left my phone off all day until the kids went to bed at night. The day started out pretty crappy thanks to Carolina and it felt like it was ruined for a while but things turned around and we had a really nice Mother's Day BBQ at our house with everybody, played Bocci, and roasted s'mores in our new fire pit area. I kind of had my own little Mother's Day celebration when I headed off to Boise by myself on Saturday morning - iced coffee and some retail therapy are always a good time. 
I'm not looking forward to this week - the weather looks like crap and there's nothing happening during the school week, plus the kids are already NUTS. Oh well 3 more weeks (well, really 12.5 days) left!

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