The week: May 18-24

What a roller coaster of a week! The bulk of the week was chilly, rainy/stormy, super windy - but then bursts of hot sun... by the end of the week we were swimming! School was busy with wrapping up testing and grades and our annual field trip (fishing, among other outdoor adventure). It also happened to be on my birthday - not a bad way to spend it, if I have to spend it at work! My sweet co-workers brought lunch, treats, and gifts the next day - it's always nice to spread out a birthday celebration! 

Saturday was Jen's baby shower, which I'll post about on Wednesday because hello pictures! Sunday was unpredictably absolutely gorgeous and for whatever reason we had decided ahead of time to BBQ and swim that day instead of Memorial Day which turned out to be a great decision for everybody but Liam and Todd. Liam was totally fine at Sunday School, but by the time we drove out to Steve and Linda's he was passed out, and wanted to keep resting when we got there - so not like him - and he was burning up! Although Liam  argued, Todd made the executive decision to take him home and it was a good thing because he puked a couple of times and seemed fine for several hours, then puked again before bed, but has been fine since... let's hope it sticks. And fingers crossed the rest of us can steer clear of it.

This is THE time to visit Steve's garden if you are going to - it's absolutely the most gorgeous thing! Poppies and peonies and all trees and bushes in full greenery! I took a couple of minutes to take a few pictures... no filters necessary on these bad boys:

We spent 5 or so hours in the pool - although the temperature outside read 75 degrees it did not feel like it at all! If my mom can get in and out of the pool without complaining, then it's not too cold and that's that! I managed to get a sun burn as per usual... even with sunscreen. It was a fun time with family, and Carolina got to try out her new goggles. She wasn't a fan at first, but they grew on her quickly and she's a total fish now. She swims underwater, floats and swims on her back, and is working on swimming down to touch the bottom. It's dang impressive for a 3 year old! 

IT'S THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!! Can you believe it?! This will be a very busy week of jogathon, field day, picnics, and cleaning and packing before summer school starts. Oh, and also TWO WEEKS UNTIL DISNEYLAND!!! Oh man, it's going to be a good time!
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