The week: May 11-17

The week started out nice and sunny, and ended with wind and rain. So far, that's all our forecast shows for the next ten days too... boo. But the rain is good and will hopefully keep everything green and beautiful for a while longer until the 3-digit temps show up. We've been really enjoying our nice clear back porch and lovely backyard even though it's been cooler. 

And a plus - my peonies bloomed last week! They are my FAVORITE spring flower - maybe just my favorite flower! I wish they lasted longer!

This week Liam presented an animal report (rattle snakes) that he's researched, written, typed, and illustrated in his reading class. I got an aide to cover my class so I could go watch - and Todd, all the grandparents, and Carolina all made it. It was adorable - I was so proud!

What a smart guy!

I had an early birthday party over the weekend. After Liam's LAST soccer game of the season, and the last co-ed game ever :-( , I requested lunch with the family at Matador in BoDo, one of my favs - and it turned out to be a really good choice! Since it was a late lunch we ended up kind of having the place to ourselves and we ate tons and stayed extra long just chatting. It was so nice. P.S. How lucky am I that I have a 3 and 6 year old that are cool with a 2 hour lunch at a restaurant?!
Sunday was a wonderful surprise - it was beautiful, warm, sunny! But of course 5 minutes into my evening walk it started pouring, so back I went and we had a dance party in the rain, Carolina's idea. It was absolutely the cutest thing. She's never growing up, right? 

This week - wow, second to last week of school. We have our field trip this week (hopefully the thunder storms don't keep us away). Pray for my patience and sanity! 8.5 more days!

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