The week: April 27 - May 3

I'm gonna go ahead and call this not just a good week, but a great one! The best part was that the weather took a fabulous turn just in time for the pool to be opened (or vice versa) and everything else just went swimmingly - pun intended. The kids spent hours and hours in it the first day it opened. Linda said Lina was tentative at first but quickly picked up on it and had surpassed her previous swimming skills from last summer before I showed up after school. She kept saying things like "I'm SO good at this!" and "I'm amazing!" It was pretty funny, but also it was kinda impressive.
Oh, and we had to start closing the pool on her to get to come out. 

This was a goood week for food and baaaaad for my waistline. Oh well - this week will be better right? Right. I will attempt to not take advantage of Frappuccino Happy Hour every single day. So far only once - and it was worth it! S'mores frappuccino? Yes please and thank you.

Aaaaaand then because we had to be in Boise Saturday morning to take the car in for work, we figured we'd better try the very limited time Mint Julep Old Fashioned Donut from Guru. Oh, so did everyone else. The line was insanely long, but it. was.worth. it.

And a selfie with this girl, because saturdaydonutsunshinehappiness.

I actually attempted to get some pictures of this soccer game - eh, it's hard with the phone. I'll take my camera next time and put some heart into it. But I did like this one of Liam, for some reason on his own in the middle of the field cheesing it up : ) He's been playing so well, he just makes me so proud when he puts effort into it!

After that it was straight over to the pool again - the temp outside was a bit cooler, but the pool was so nice and warm. I got quite the death glare from this one when we had to force her out to go home, but I'm glad we did when we did. Whereas earlier in the week the only sign of sun was a sliver of sunburn around Carolina's eyes, this day we all got too much sun - and the kids were wiped. Liam is much harder to burn with his dad's olive skin, but Carolina is fair like me... maybe a little darker than me, and definitely not as freckly, but still. And I had totally spaced putting on sunscreen before soccer. I burned, of course, Carolina pinked, Liam got a rosy flush and tanned, and Todd just turned brown. 

Somewhere in there, my second graders took their state standardized tests and ROCKED. We celebrated. And then we all got antsy and unmotivated to do more work. The summer fever is upon us. But only 4 more weeks!!!!
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