Things Kids Say

Carolina rubs Todd's head and says, "Your hair is so short... it's not long like mom's." Then she hugs his head and says "Aw, you're a sad little guy."

Carolina is in the other room. My dad calls "Carolinaaa, what are you doing?" She replies "Nothing," rather suspiciously. Dad calls again in a more serious tone, "Carolina - what are you doing??" She replies innocently, "Nothing, just cutting my hair." Yeh - she did that.

Papa Steve asked if Liam had ever had cinnamon, Liam quickly responds, "Nope, I don't like fish."

Carolina asks "What is [the sky] made of?" Todd answers, "Ummm elements. Everything is made up of elements like Oxygen and Hydrogen." Carolina responds, "Nooooo... the sky isn't made of ELEPHANTS!"

And the best one, that I can't believe I forgot about, was that Carolina doesn't say "yipee", she says "YiPoo!"

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