The week: March 23-29

The week of Spring break felt like a blur of chores, play dates, and plans - but I'm not complaining! It was the fun kind of busy, and as always, it was a tease of what we can look forward to in 8 weeks! I'm ready for SUMMER break now! I'm totally in denial that I'm back at work, but I'm sure that won't last long. Anyway here are some phone snaps of our spring break! 

The kids got a package from Minnie and Mickey Mouse! It was pretty epic - they were not expecting it, and they've told basically every person they've come across since then. 

Carolina got a beautiful Cinderella dress up dress - and she wore it more days than not last week.
I got an amazing mug for being a Babes in Disneyland contributor - I love it!
This was a requested photograph of the kids with their party/picnic.
Steve's daffodils bloomed - there are thousands! I've had nonstop bouquets of them in my house.
Liam got a cool new NNU hat from Coach Coe and he looooooves it. He wears it everyday, and looks pretty darn cool in it!
Amy came to visit me for the weekend - we went all over shopping, eating, talking, and we saw Cinderella - so fun!

The kids on Palm Sunday - Liam walked in the palm processional and did a great job :)

And after two weeks without a Guru, we had to stop in and try a new one - this is The Cranberries (because the music festival was in town) - and it was the best of their vegan doughnuts I've had yet, the cranberry frosting was perfectly tart!
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