The week: April 6-12

Yeh - even though days are getting - and feeling - longer, the weeks are flying by. I checked my phone yesterday and felt lucky to have taken even one picture of a child! But there were plenty of springtime pics :) It's my favorite season (picture 1) - so what?! It's only going to get worse (better?) the closer we get to summer - 7 more weeks! My classroom is actually doing really great - it seriously took them 3 quarters of the year to get it together, but not they've got it and we're good! I'm looking forward to enjoying the last few weeks with them. Even Todd's job seems to be going pretty well right now, it's not his ideal position but at least things feel stable and mostly positive AND it looks like we will both be getting raises this year - woohoo! Liam had a rough week at school, behavior-wise, his teacher had to talk to me :-/ I hope this was an extenuating circumstance and he will not be repeating it. On a positive note his report card was smashing and his first soccer game - although cold, windy, and rainy - went really well! He tried really hard and had some good passes and nice goals. I was very proud of him for his effort! Afterwards we stopped by The Little Bakery Shop on the way home and the kids got cake pops and Todd got the most delicious sticky bun! I don't even really like sticky buns, but I would've eaten the whole thing. Friday and Saturday we hung out with friends, which is always a treat, but Sunday was the true funday. After a great sermon (and announcement on our potential new pastor!) we tried out a new-to-us bagel place, Blue Sky Bagels, and really liked it - then a trip to Trader Joe's, and some me time at Ulta and Old Navy, plus a walk in the lovely weather (picture 5) my 5th walk this week!, a new Pinterest recipe (see Friday's post) - it was just a very nice day. And I'm looking forward to some amazing weather today and then by the weekend (picture 6). Ahhh. Oh, and let's see Picture 2 was Carolina's first chimichanga - she liked it :) Sometimes I feel like I do her an injustice by not really thinking of letting her try new things since I tend to just feed her whatever Mr. Picky Liam is eating. OH! Gosh, have I said we're enrolling her in preschool this fall? Yes, it's true :-( I hate that my baby's growing up, but I know she'll love it and it's only 2 half days a week. Picture 3 was my first verrrrry successful iced drink with my Nespresso. Honey in the bottom of the glass, two level 9 pods - medium pull - then some cold water and cream and finish with ice. It. was. so. good. Perfect. As good as Dutch Bros. I'll be having that for the next 6 months. 
Anyway, I guess that's about it for last week - this week we are hoping to get our yard worked on and ready for enjoying during the warmer weather. Gosh I feel like there is something I'm forgetting to share - I'm tired. Here we go, half-way through April!
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