The week: April 19-25

Golly, the week felt like such a rush. I'm still astonished that these weeks seem to be flying instead of dragging. Only 5 weeks left of school! (And 6 weeks till we're in Anaheim!) I've been trying to still catch up on those spring cleaning type projects and some cleaning out - I did manage to clear out the closets, toys from the kids' rooms, and some things from the garage for the church rummage sale, but boy is there a long way to go! Our weather has still been up and down, warm and cool, perfect and super windy. I love going for walks after the kids go to bed, it's just gorgeous right now. And the walks have been even more enjoyable because I've been listening to one of the This American Life podcasts each - they are the perfect amount of time for a long walk or a shorter walk and some weights. I really really enjoy them! Carolina has been very clingy and emotional lately. I usually choose to walk after she's in bed so I don't have to put either of us through this...

She whines and cries sometimes for be not to go, and makes me wait to leave until she can set herself up at the window to watch me go and wave. She does the same when Todd or Nana leave. She's becoming a worrier. 
Meanwhile last week Liam had a much better behaved week and on his practice IRI he got well over the goal score for "on-level" Kindergartners so I'm not at all worried about him taking the real thing this week. I haven't been taking any soccer pics of him this year even though he's been playing super well, because I've been trying to focus on staying focused :) I used to wander and talk to friends and family or be on my phone or taking pictures. Now I'm just trying to watch and not miss it, but I promise I will take some soon. Only 3 games left now!
After soccer this week we were sort of undecided about how to spend our Saturday, funny how we ended up at Guru Doughnuts ;)

I mean when they're advertising "Java the Hut" - coffee glaze with Nutella cream filling, how were we NOT going to go?! We also ended up with a Rhubarb Brown Sugar fritter (Todd's) and a Pineapple Ginger - which was probably the favorite of the trip - it was not nearly as crazy as it sounds. Aw, look at my little big girl. I can't believe in just about 5 months she'll turn 4.

We hit up both of the Boise Farmer's Markets in search of something called grilling cheese (which, sadly, we did not find), then Trader Joe's, and Chipotle for lunch - which probably isn't remarkable except that it was the first time we ordered a kids meal and how cute! It's a make your own taco kit! You pick 3 taco toppings, get two tortillas, fruit and drink - and the kids LOVED making their own taco... not something I thought Liam was going to like at all and he loved it. 

AND Patrick brought me back this AMAZING Disney World mug from his trip last week - I love it! Happy early birthday to me!

All in all it was a very nice week - this week looks nicer though, weather-wise, and we are hoping to get some progress in the yard done. This time a year ago I was living it up in D.C. - one of the greatest trips of my life, so I'm feeling nostalgic, but it's also testing week so we'll be plenty busy. Hooray for spring and Monday! (I actually like Mondays.) 

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