The week: April 13-19

I moved it, I losed it
Umm. Where did the week go? Seriously. I guess this is life, but why does it always feel abnormal when time flies? Why aren't we used to it?
I'm starting to get that "Ok, now I'm ready for summer to get here" phase... I'm not fully in yet, but I'm getting there. I'm just ready to not have a bedtime, sleep in, finish projects AND have time to relax - not one or the other, spend more quality time with my kids, and read. I'm getting ready for those things. I'm so tired when I get home. Like ready to drop into bed at 5:30, and ready to eat dinner at 4:00! I need to start drinking more coffee I guess, because life can't go on like that. I have so much work to do! I feel like I've been lazy since last August and haven't done more than lipstick cleaning and my yard, and closets, and garage are a disaster. I started work yesterday - I may even take a day off to get more done and get a bunch of stuff over to church before their rummage sale next weekend. We'll see.
Presents are a child magnet, even if they don't belong to them.
In the way of family news, I guess I don't have much. Carolina's cold that she just had sort of went away and came back the next day. So that's a bummer. Liam had a better week at school and I think almost a week of no iPad was good for him in more ways than one. I've had to go back out shopping for him again - every time he turns around his shoes don't fit or he's outgrown his pants. It's crazy. Todd's having a better time at work lately and he has one confirmed raise and another possible one - yay! Only 49 days till Disneyland - we've basically spilled the beans many times now but we're either lucky enough that no one is paying attention or we're really good at adapting statements to sound like something else real fast.
The big 3-0!
This weekend Friday was a bust - I was dead tired all night, and literally could not wait for bed time. Saturday Liam had soccer and then the kids went with Grandma so Todd and I could go on a date - lunch and shopping :) Sunday we celebrated Jen's 30th birthday with lunch together and then cake and presents of course. It was a nice relaxed fun family day. Then I finally got a walk in, did some house chores and had Carolina follow me around like a puppy all the time. She's quite good at matching socks. She's been such my little buddy lately. I love and hate to see my baby growing up.
P.S. I do try to take pictures of Liam - but by the time I can get my camera out he's stopped doing whatever he's been doing, or moved on. He's too fast.

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