Summer 2015!!!

I'm SO excited about our summer plans this year! After last year - where we didn't go anywhere - and were kind of home alone a lot, I needed to get OUT! I posted this mug pic as kind of a teaser, but more for my own enjoyment - I couldn't even get all of the mugs in, actually I don't even have all of the mugs I will need!
Obviously we went to Utah already - that one doesn't count as summer, it was just counting for trips. But here's the big secret from the kids *we are going to Disneyland* ! Don't tell them - hopefully we will make it without letting it slip! I wanted to go the day after school was out, but I have a few more school obligations the next week and we wanted to avoid being there on a weekend so we had to put it off a little bit, but Mom and Dad are going with us! They are flying but we are driving so we are staying a night in Vegas on the way down (the 2nd mug) - it will allow us to get to Downtown Disney early the day before we are in the parks so we can enjoy that area. Then DISNEYLAND (3rd mug) - and of course California Adventure - that mug is missing from the line-up. Then so we don't have to be exhausted and drive 14 hours back the next day after the parks we are going to Lake Tahoe for the night - that will be a NEW mug!!! We are so bummed that we aren't going to Bakersfield this time, but Lonnie and Jeran won't be home and we can't move our trip for several reasons... maybe later in the summer we can go back, I'm hoping to anyway!
But in July we are going to MAUI!!! We had basically been planning on it since we missed the last trip - but when the time came to plan and purchase tickets we couldn't afford it and weren't sure we would be able to, so we had to say no. BUT thankfully our family kept asking and we decided we could make it work - so tickets have been purchased, condo is booked, and car is rented - plus I've already been on missions to get swimsuits, sandals, hats, etc. - we are basically ready to go now! We are so excited - it feels like a great time with the kids - they are easy travelers and love going places and seeing new things. Plus they can already swim! It's going to be a GREAT summer!

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