Easter 2015

We've been back at it for a week and it went by so quickly, a blur. Only 8 more to go until summer - and you better believe I'll be counting them religiously.
Liam had his first spring soccer game on Saturday but the McConnel Family Easter get-together took precedence. It's a big deal - in some cases this is the only time we see certain family members all year! It's always nice to catch up a little and let all the 1st, 2nd, 3rd? cousins play together - why oh why didn't we get a group picture?!

Sunday was a lovely Easter. The kids had their baskets in the morning - I always love doing little gift collections like Easter Baskets and Christmas stockings - in some ways they are more fun to me than a pile of presents. I opted to tell the truth about the Easter Bunny this year when Liam asked, and the person who was most upset about it was Todd, and he didn't even care that much - so that went well. I do sometimes feel soap-boxy about how commercialization has taken over religious holidays. Santa Claus was a saint, so I can sort of go with that one. But the Easter bunny, no please. Let's just let Jesus have this one all to himself - it's kind of a big deal. After church we had brunch with a smaller group of family at my parents and had a mini egg hunt. They kids get spoiled rotten Easter Bunny or not! We relaxed, got a few things accomplished at home, and I went for a walk between rainstorms. I love spring. 

Happy Easter!

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