a little bathroom refresh...

The new year always makes me want a fresh start in lots of ways and one is to freshen up the home - so way back in January I got a bunch of big ideas and am just getting around to finishing them up. One area I felt needed a bit of an update was our master bathroom and subsequently the bedroom. I might be getting a little tired of the gray/yellow combination and I figured I could do over the bathroom cheaper than the bedroom, so I mostly focused on it.
I wanted to replace the yellow with coral last year, but couldn't find any bathroom accessories that I liked, however at the present time there is a good bit out at Target, so I jumped on it. A new bath rug, hand towel, hand soap, and clock were purchased - and I replaced the art & mirror in there with hanging art and a memory verse print I already had elsewhere, and brought in some doo-dads like plants (including my hanging terrarium), a rock from Steve, and a candle.
To go with the gray already in there and the coral/pink/orangey colors I'm adding in, I decided I wanted more white and just a touch of gold (when am I going to get sick of gold?). I painted some pill jars gold, a letter M, and bought some gold dot wall decals that I think add some fun. I was afraid Todd would hate it and see it as "pink" but he actually really likes!

I actually ordered a duvet for my bedroom that had the coral/pinks in it - but it ended up looking way better on Carolina's bed than mine so she got it! Her room is perfect now, and the white duvet that she was using went back on my bed. I added some gold to my bedroom as well and tried to fit more black and white in to make it a bit more modern.

Next project is the backyard! Now if only the weather will cooperate!
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