Things {Carolina} Say{s}

This girl cracks us on on the reg... she's hilarious... and clever... and mischievous... in other words, she's a handful:

Me: I'm going to have some tea.
Carolina: I don't like tea.
Me: Why don't you like tea?!
Carolina: Because I'm not a grown-up!

Carolina and Poppa are playing on the floor and her legs are swinging around and knocked over some toys, she looks worried so Poppa says: "I understand about little girl's feets flying around when they're playing and crashing into things because had two little girls who did that same thing all the time. Their names were Jessica and Jennifer."
Carolina smiles and says: "I love those girls."

When Nana tells Carolina it's time to come take a nap, Carolina responds: "It's my naptime again?! Uhhhh, that's so frustrating!"

And then the piece de resistance that will embarrass her for years to come...

Carolina: I smell something stinky.
Me: Did you toot?
Carolina: No... I made a smell.
Me: Out of your bottom?
Carolina: Yeh.

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