The week: March 9-15

I seriously don't remember 90% of last week... here's what I do remember - Liam started soccer practice on Monday night and he attended one day of the after school program (until I was ready to leave) - which he loved both of, Carolina did lots of whining and fitting - apparently it's a half birthday thing (?), Todd felt quite sick most of the week and has some Dr. appointments for this week - nothing major, and I kept busy enough that I don't even remember what I did! What I DO remember are the doughnuts! 
We had really nice weather all week, but the weekend hit and it got cloudy and rainy although still warm. Saturday morning we had talked about going to the new library opening, but it was yucky out and Todd wasn't feeling great. And I saw THESE on my Instagram feed! I decided my children needed them and texted mom if she wanted to come with me - in 10 minutes we were on our way to Boise to our favorite Guru Donuts. Here's their Instagram account if you don't mind drooling on your phone regularly :)
if these aren't the CUTEST doughnuts you've ever seen!
I seriously have a doughnut problem. Seriously.
Anyway, these doughnuts were highly popular and we watched the last few be sold as we waited in line - so I ordered 4 other doughnuts before I though to ask if they were making more, and lucky me, they were - so I ended up with 6 doughnuts... and an accidental parking ticket that I hope can be voided. You win some you lose some.
My favorite on this trip was The Bono: Guinness dark chocolate (not boozy) with malted pretzel topping  - and it was warm, ohhhh my word. I had one bite - about died - and then Mom tried it and went back to buy herself one :) Also that there doughnut in the background is the Bart Simpson: chocolate bar covered with butterfinger bits - it. was. delicious. 
have mercy
Nobody gonna mess with her doughnut!
I hadn't told the kids where I was going - so they were super surprised and excited (although Carolina was mid-fit when I got home). I gotta say, I tried this doughnut and it wasn't anything amazing, but Liam tried a bite of each of our doughnuts and proclaimed his the best - so there you go!

Only 4.5 days left till spring break! We are headed to Salt Lake City for a night next weekend, need an IKEA fix, plus being out of town for 2 days sounds nice, then we get to come home and enjoy the rest of our break! 
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