The week: March 2-8

The week went quickly as I suspected it would, and yet the days felt long. But the WEEKEND. Oh, the weekend. It was glorious! Our weather is creeping up to the 70's and should be there by Tuesday! But with warm weather comes a millions things I feel I should be doing inside and outside!
Saturday is lately our lazy day - this weekend we spent mostly bumming around Boise and Meridian, doughnuts, coffee, checking out the Capitol (where we walked by the governor in a meeting!) - shopping and the park - we just enjoyed the weather and being out and being together :)

Guru Doughnuts, of course - I didn't get this doughnut (the Key Lime Pie was excellent) but I love their names!

It works - and he must know how.

A pretty perfect day!

It's so beautiful - and reminds me so much of D.C. - just smaller.

Fancy water fountains must be tested


The Great Seal of Idaho

We found it pretty hilarious that we ended up back at "work" on the weekend.

Oddly there was an official meeting in end room of both the east and west wing (which are underground and feel cool) - this one we walked by was being led by good ol' Butch himself.

You know, just hugging Civil War canons and what not.

Climbing rocks at the park - and shortly after, buying new pants that are long enough for this big kid.

This is SO Carolina
And what would a post be from me without pictures of passed out kids? (Each with a brand new Lego purchased with great grandparent money)

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