The week: Feb. 23 - March 1

     Woohoo it' s March! The month of spring break - not that I think we are doing anything exciting, but there's always the possibility of it, and just the idea of a whole week off, right when we need it most!    
     Yay! Only 3 more weeks - and this one will either fly or drag - it's going to be busy, but I always say that. I've got a committee meeting until 6 p.m. tonight, a whole slew of things I'm working on for Babes in Disneyland, lots of spring cleaning projects on my list, and then-some keeping us on the move. At least soccer doesn't start for a few more weeks!
     The weather went a got cruddy last week - but the good news is we should have sun this week and be back in the 60's by the weekend, it's a really big deal to me guys. Oh, and I'm also actually looking forward to Spring Forward on Sunday so that I can get an extra hour of light at night and maybe be more motivated to go on walks and get exercise even after the kids go to bed. Mom and I have been going on weekly walks together which has been so nice! But I should proooobably start doing it a little more than that ;)
     Todd and I have decided to forgo desserts for a couple of months, excepting special occasions, but it's been a week and a half and we've done really well... this is something new for me. When I counted calories I would always allow for dessert, but never NO dessert. It's good for me/us. Buuuuut, I am sort of counting the days until dessert again. My hope is that by then I won't be craving it so much every day.
     OH! I found out that I'm getting a new nephew!!! Yep, Jen and Grant are having a boy - so fun and exciting! She has a cute little baby bump finally too. I bet I should be posting pics here otherwise I don't know if you'll get to see any (*hint hint). Spring break will be a good time to sort through the tubs and tubs of baby clothes and accouterments  in my garage and cart them over to their house, and do some nursery decorating - fun!
     I got my 29th student this week. 29. Seven and eight year olds. 20 and then 9 more. It's a lot of kids. It's less than 10 minutes per kid, per day. I've never had this many. My previous max was 26, and it felt hefty. Well now that I've whined a little bit, I feel like I should say that I know it would be worse, and that I should'nt complain. It just makes for a much different year. Ok, done.I also got the chance to do the after school program for a day - I did get paid for it - but it was fun! Just arts and crafts and enjoying a small group of kids - I can handle that, although it does make for a very long work day.
     We've all been going through boughts of mild sicknesses this week - but Carolina have it the worst with terrible colds. We stayed home in our pajamas all day yesterday - Lina watched movies and I read a whole book (yay for that at least!). Hopefully we start feeling better soon and don't spread it around!
getting ready for spring!
trying to scratch my itch
family game night included these cool #DisneySide games!
sick day in bed with mye-book and an iced honey americano
I can't get enough of these tulips from trader Joes,
$6 for this many and they last a full week!
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