SLC Getaway

Hey folks! I took the week off from the blog for spring break - it was a busy break and I just needed to find some extra relaxation :) We had fun though - starting out with a weekend getaway to Salt Lake City!

A trip to SLC always starts with lunch at In N Out - and it always is delicious and stickerful! P.S. Do you see how tall my kids are getting? This can't be happening. I am in denial. 
After lunch we headed to the City Creek Mall which is beautiful and open air and was perfect for enjoying the amazing 70+ degree weather. Carolina was enamored with everything in the Disney Store, but especially the little castle with a magic mirror. 

Then we checked into our hotel and took little naps before our dinner reservation at the Red Iguana - and it' s a good thing we had one - the line was nuts! It's a total dive with

We definitely needed to walk some more so we headed over to the capital building, which was SO fun to walk around and check out. I hate to admit it, but it's bigger and more beautiful than ours, but that's ok. We think we will try to see more state capitals when we can - because it's free and fascinating!

Those mountains are just too gorgeous, and the trees were perfectly in bloom! Inside you'll see there's not a whole lot of separation of church and state... but I guess I can understand when the state is basically founded by them! There were also some cool displays of movies filmed in Utah, and some fossils, etc. The kids loved it and we did too :)

We only stayed one night, which turned out to be a good thing because it was a bad night's sleep and we were tired and the kids were melty-downy the next day - thus no pictures. But we did make it to Ikea and get new patio furniture (that I still need to put together) and after lunch we headed home. The kids were asleep before we made it to a gas station. They are SUCH good travelers. And we listened to This American Life podcasts the whole way which made it go by very quickly. 
It was good to get out of town if only for 36 hours :)
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