The week - Jan. 26-Feb. 1

Although presently the inversion is back, last week we finally had a few days of gorgeous sunshine and warmer weather - nice enough to finally take the kids new scooters outside and play a little! I felt a little time crunched all week with trying to get ready for Liam's birthday and party, but I made sure we soaked up some vitamin D while it lasted! And the day of Liam's party was absolutely gorgeous, it couldn't have been more beautiful, and as soon as the party started all of my stress disappeared and it felt like the most relaxed day ever!

Carolina fell down once and was kind of irritated about it, but didn't cry or anything and Liam was getting pretty brave with his. I am ready for spring weather NOW! Oy, I've missed that blue sky! At least it's February and that means next month is spring and spring break  and we are on our way! 
Oh, and the BEST thing happened, I got THESE beauties!!!

Oh ha, I almost forgot about the Superbowl... that's because I couldn't care less about it! I hate football and I've always hated the Superbowl. So last year I left, I went shopping by myself and came back in a great mood so I decided to do that again this year! Even though the party was at our house (that's two parties in two days if you're counting, and I am), I went out - my friend Stephanie wanted to join me - so we made a date of it. It was absolutely dead out, which suited me just fine! I found some good deals and then came home to eat some snacks and blog! At first I was crabby about having two big functions during the weekend, but I quickly snapped myself out of that, because how lucky am I to have enough friends and family around that WANT to have big functions with me, at my house? SO lucky blessed! So THANKS to everybody who came to celebrate whatever with us!


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