The week - Feb. 9-15

isn't it glorious!
If only they could all be 3 day weekends. I'm pretty sure I say that every time I have one :)
I honestly don't even remember the week before the weekend. I worked... I think. I have noticed lately that I feel as though I've finally got into a rhythm with my class. It's taken way too long. But I have been able to feel like I don't need to stay an extra hour every day. It's helped tremendously to have just be given a few aides for our grade level. We have 27-30 kids each, but when we switch for reading it's up to 35. The work load was tough, I'm very thankful for having a aide to help me every day, and my father-in-law who comes once a week.
The weather has been SO amazing. 50s-60s and sunny. Hallelujah! This is the best winter ever! We've taken the kids to the park and out to ride scooters several times. This weekend was so nice, we spent as much of it out-and-about as possible.
With all the parents gone last weekend we didn't have a romantic Valentine's Day planned. Friday night we were just so pumped for the weekend we headed to The Village to see what we could find to eat and wander around the shops. We ended up eating at Grimaldi's, a brick oven pizza place, which was a risk because Liam is a very picky pizza-eater. But he loved it, really, he said it was his favorite new restaurant - that's a big deal y'all! We walked around and tested out all of the fire-pits and heat lamps and seats and fountain watching spots. Then a little shopping and some dessert. It was perfect. We didn't even get home until like 9:30
Saturday we had a very interesting basketball game (ahem, intense parents), then I did some thrifting with a friend, and went over to the Michaelson's for dinner and chocolate fondue to remind us it was Valentine's Day.
Sunday we spent the afternoon in Boise, the mall, Trader Joe's, doughnuts, a delicious lunch at Bardenay, we were pretty exhausted after that and we all just crashed until it was time to go to dinner at the Strawsers. We had no lack of things to do this weekend! So therefore Monday was spent at home in my pajamas cleaning and cleaning and cleaning some more. Oh and 3 trips to Walmart. I seriously think it took 10 hours to get all the laundry washed, dried, and put away. I think that basically since Thanksgiving I've been too busy or tired to do more than a lipstick clean - so the dust bunnies were piling up so to speak and the spring-cleaning bug has bitten me for sure. So it felt good to have time to catch up and feel like I accomplished something.
Today is a teacher professional development day, so that means I only have students for 3 days this week, gotta love a short week :) Also it's the last week of basketball and we have a little break before soccer. This week I hope to continue checking some things off my list and work on getting more exercise, my goals have been slipping and I need to get back on track and remind myself of them.

And just a few pictures of the Carolina show...
She's so sweet - and sooooo doesn't want to go to sleep

just reading the paper while her brother gets a haircut


Grimaldi's brings a piece of pizza dough for the kids
to play with while they wait - what a great idea!
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