The week - Feb. 2 - 8

Carolina caught a nasty cold and spread it to Todd and I this week - it felt flu-tinged, but it must've not been because it didn't last long. I stayed home Tuesday because I felt so bad and Todd stayed home the next day. Carolina has been a bit of a beast lately - I know she was sick, but at some point she's gotten a little too spoiled and acting like it. We need to crack down this week! Thankfully by Thursday we were all feeling pretty much back to rights, because it started getting gorgeous. Not only sunny, but warm. 
This week we drove out to Boise for the grand opening of Guru Doughnuts - our favorite doughnuts place (since Nampa doesn't have one anymore). It feels like a lot to drive to Boise on a weeknight, but I'm glad we did it, not only did we get free doughnuts (and then some), but with the warm weather we actually enjoyed walking around as a family. The kids love the buildings in the city, and anytime we do something out after dark we call it a "midnight adventure" and it's always so much more fun. We made a good memory that night :)

french fries and doughnuts and the capital building

A gorgeous sunrise Friday morning at school.
The weekend got even better, like we broke a high temp record last set in 1898. 65 degrees the news said, but my car got to 69. After Liam's basketball game we went to lunch, bummed around Meridian, did some errands in Nampa and just enjoyed being out!
The Village - yes, Liam is wearing shorts outside!
Well the school year is over half over, I just realized it the other day. It seemed to go so fast, but I know the second half is way longer, plus this killer weather just makes us all that much more ready for spring and summer and vacation!
Costco - being nice to each other
Just Carolina loving on Ripley dog...
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