The week - Feb. 16-23

Not much in the way of news this week. February is going to go down in my record books as one of the busiest I've ever known. Usually January and February are so chill, not so this year. We continue to have the best winter weather EVER - sorry east coast :-/ And I think that's been a big contributor to keeping us so busy.

Let's see...
I got my wedding ring back! It needed to be sized up (apparently my knuckles have put on some weight) and to be rhodium plated so my skin wouldn't react to it - and after 8 months I totally got it done. Fred Meyer Jewelers was the best deal out there.

I bought myself some Valentine's flowers last weekend and loved them all week long. What's better than pretty pink tulips to brighten up your kitchen?

Idaho sunsets really are spectacular, and this week we had a good one.

Liam had his last basketball game, but I haven't had a chance to go through the footage yet to see if I got anything good... I didn't feel like I did, but we will see. 
We had a nice little Oscar's party last night - just us and Patrick (our favorite Sunday night guest) and some cheese, fruit, and crackers. It was a good Oscar's and I won the most predictions!
Only 4 more weeks until Spring Break! :)
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