Star Wars Sixth Birthday Party! #DisneySide

Alright - here's the big six-year-old's birthday party this year! It all started with these cupcake decorations that I've had for years, literally, like maybe since he was a baby! We rounded up every other Star Wars thing we had in the house including his Jedi Training certificate and lightsaber from Disneyland, books, legos, toys,shirts. I printed out and displayed a few of his 6 year pictures. And for the dessert table background I used butcher paper and di-cut stars, made the banner (and another one over the table, that I didn't get a picture of) on Publisher and printed some at home and some at Office Depot - because printer ink is so expensive! 

The dessert table included the tie-dye cupcakes from a mix I recieved in my DisneySide package, they turned out adorable and really yummy! Also, some theme colored candies, Oreo pops that were supposed to look like Death Stars but really looked more like meteors, and then the light saber pretzel sticks that I asked my mom to put together.

He had all of his family and a couple of friends to his party. It's hard with so many people and a winter birthday - no room for games, but the kids had fun just playing upstairs and with their new goodies (while the adults fell asleep on the couch watching Star Wars).

The treat bags included some candy form the dessert table, as well as some pretzel light sabers, Mickey pencils and stickers from our DisneySide kit, and these great printable masks I purchased on Etsy, as well as some bubble light sabers I bought/made.

One of Liam's favorite foods is nachos, so that is what we had including refried beans and rice from his favorite restaurant. It was all pretty delicious. It turned out to be a fun, great birthday party, but I'm still OK with the fact that my next one isn't for 9 more months :)
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