Pin of the Week: PayDay Chex Mix

Payday Chex Mix - 5 MINUTES and 4 INGREDIENTS @Backforseconds #payday #saltyandsweet #chexmixOh dear goodness. I get it in my head that I haven't made/baked something in a while and I NEED to, then I come up with an excuse to go ahead and do that (like I need to bring treats to school for staff meeting, etc.). Then I make something really good and I can't stop eating it until there's probably not enough left to share. This is good and it was definitely one of the faster easier desserts ever. Oh, and it's gluten free, in case that matters to anyone. But if you DO make it to share, then cross your heart that you won't taste it before dessert time because honestly you won't be able to start. Me and my nice big belly can attest to this. Here's the link!
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