Color, pattern, texture, shine

Hooray! The living room makeover that Jeran did for me when she was here last Thanksgiving is finally posted on her blog and Land of Nod's blog, Honest to Nod. We still seriously love it so much. When I looked at the before pictures it looks like we just moved in and hadn't totally unpacked yet, or something. Now it's so modern, just enough eclectic, and very cozy and homey. We spend all of our time in our living room, and it couldn't be more perfect.
When she was here I just figured I'd sort of let her do whatever she wanted and I'd watch and learn and be her gofer - but she really did want us to like it and asked my opinion a lot. It was so different at first it was kind of hard to adjust to such a big change, but it didn't take long.

A true professional...

 This wall is so cool...
(my photography is painfully bad compared to hers)

Here are some things I learned from watching her work:
1. Pops of color are so important
2. The right balance of old and new
3. Don't be so symmetrical
4. Mix heights (waves of items)
5. A plant goes a long way
6. Graphic element (numbers & letters)
7. Sometimes more is better
8. Leave it, see if you like it
9. Like Stacey & Clinton used to say: color, pattern, texture, shine

Aww, look at little Ripley dog...
Living Room Makeover 5

 Isn't it gorgeous?Living Room Makeover 7

Head on over to the blogs to see all the pics!

Honest to Nod

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