Thoughts on 3

Each time someone I know gets pregnant or has a baby, I think about it. With each passing holiday, birthday, or event, I think about it some more. And every time one of my kids passes another milestone, I think about it the most. Having a third kid.
Two is a popular number, and it's easy, and we are even - 2 boys 2 girls. And there's space/time/money enough for everybody. Immediately after having Liam I wanted another. Immediately after Carolina I said that was it. And I meant it for the most part - but a girl can't help thinking... Because babies. Babies test one's resolve. Or do they show your true colors? Or are they just so cute that you can't resist? Or is it that I feel I'm not getting any older so long as I have a baby to hang on to?
Carolina is still the baby of course, but she's becoming so independent, and she's basically moved on from every last bit of baby or toddler-ness that was hanging on. No cribs, diapers, wipes, pacis, high chairs, booster seats, potty seats, even sippy cups. For the most part she can brush her own teeth, take herself to the bathroom, get her own snacks and drinks, and dress herself, and she doesn't need naps anymore and only will take them half the time. Does that sound like a baby to you? At least she's still tiny (or so she appears when compared to everyone else!), I can still carry her easily-ish, and the way she talks and things she says are so so adorable. I ask her if she can stay little forever, she says yes, she will be 4 this year, and I've always felt like 3 was the end of little kid and 4 was the beginning of big kid. I will have 2 big kids.
Lately we've been feeling so... grown up. We went walking around Boise without even giving the stroller a second - or first - thought! I've bought myself a small purse, and I'm using it! No more worries about "always being prepared". As much as I loved buying and having baby stuff - I really love not having to think about it (or pay for it) too!
This is a different phase of life. Some parts of it are similar to ones I haven't experienced for 6 years - but it's brand new. So... whoa. Parting is such sweet sorrow, but I think we will part with it. As much as I was saying on the outside "we are done" I was waffling on the inside, but my thoughts over the last few months are settling. Liam and Carolina's clothes/toys/furniture are already packed up to move on to their new cousin. Life is simpler and more well-rested and we are happy. Time will always pass and no matter how many babies we have they won't stay babies, and I don't want TLC to ask about turning our family into a television show... so I think we'll stick with what we've got, Lord willing.

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