The week - Jan. 19-25

I didn't get Monday off, but I still celebrated MLKJ, still such an inspiration.
The last week was a blur. I finally found my "work less" goal to be catching up on me, and felt overwhelmed with things that needed to be done at home. I think everyday I had errands to run around and do after school. I just didn't feel like I was making my best effort as a mom. And I hate that feeling.
At any rate - Todd got back from Texas safely, and we took a few days to fall back into our regular routine. Todd took Liam to basketball practice so that he could watch and see what Liam needed work on (um, everything... except having more energy) - since it's still freezing, he pulled the cars out of the garage and they played there which worked well. We are getting Liam an outdoor basketball hoop for his birthday (THIS WEEK!) - he really seems to like the sport. His game this Saturday was loads better than last week - he even made 3 baskets, which he still calls goals, but we're working on that too :-)
Carolina's been going back and forth with naps / no naps - and frankly I think she's a happier child when she hasn't taken a nap, but her problem is that she likes to sleep in later in the mornings and is cranky to be woken up from that too. Oh, summer cannot come fast enough.
My new evening treat is a few small scoops of vanilla
ice cream with a decaf shot of espresso poured on top
(affogato al caffe) good gracious it's delicious.
Speaking of, we did have a few spots of sunshine this week - and I have learned that this makes SUCH a difference for me! All week I felt like a zombie. I usually wake up with energy and have it all day until the evening. But not when it's foggy / inversiony, then I wake up dead tired and contemplate laying down on the floor of my classroom to rest when the students are gone. Then I come up, do the bare minimum dinner cooking and lay down until bed. It's sad. When there is sun I'm good all day. Please oh please let there be more sun this week! Plus I bought a much needed new pair of walking shoes with my Christmas money and I'm ready to use them! Another reason to catch-up on housework, so I can feel free to go out when the sun's out!
Todd and I spoiled ourselves again with another dinner and movie date with the Strawsers - we had literally never done a get together without the kids, so we were overdue! We saw Birdman. It was weird. I wouldn't recommend it. Todd would. If you know Todd, then you can be the judge of that. By Sunday our house was a shambles - so we spent time cleaning, plus some laundry, baking, cooking, and planning a birthday party! We are going with Star Wars this year! Hooray - I'm excited about this theme! Birthday parties are a lot of work, but since last year was so low key, I feel I owe him. Maybe we'll switch years between a low key activity and a big party.

I think I've had these liners from William Sonoma since he was 1 or 2.
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