The week - Jan. 12

Another week of winter is over! I feel like I may have taken my "work less" resolution a little too far at this point... I sort of feel like a couch potato. I have gotten back into a meal planning/cooking routine (it sort of fades out around Thanksgiving), and I have still been having more fun with the kids, and I have been staying late at school so I don't bring work home, but blog work, home projects, and exercising have been nil. All the good TV is back on and all I want to do after the kids go to bed is sit on the couch under my blanket and relax until bedtime. Oops, still gotta work on that balance! At least although I went to Target twice, I probably spent less than an hour there total - just real quick run in-run out. I call that good.
A picture Liam requested I take and send to Todd - why is this Carolina's new "smile"?
Here are a couple of pics of Todd in San Antonio - I guess I won't do a whole "About in..."post, because I wasn't there and wouldn't know what to tell you!

When in Texas?
Steve, Todd, & Lonnie - I don't know where this is, but it looks old
no explanation necessary

Spurs warming up

Liam had his first basketball practice this week (pictures coming up), it was OK considering he's never played basketball once in his life. But he did have a hard time with Todd going out of town - he was sobbing the night before, poor boy - he loves his dad alright.
 Carolina, meanwhile, is sort of an enigma - going from happy and sweet to growling at you and giving you death glares the next second. I think she hasn't adjusted well to our post-Christmas schedule. Oh, and the arguing, there is so. much. arguing.
They're either lovers or haters. It's so cute when actually like each other!
I thought we'd be holed up at home all weekend just feeling sorry for ourselves since like everybody we know is on vacation right now... but nope! All the parents kept us spoiled and we never lacked for something to do, it honestly didn't even feel like Todd was gone (he doesn't read this, so don't tell him I said that!). Friday night Jen came over and we just sat and chatted about babies, and World War II, and decorating, and just life until late - my favorite thing! Saturday morning was the b-ball game, then mom and I popped over to Boise for a quick trip while the kids played with Poppa, then it was nap/relax time and after that dinner at Chapalas - per Liam's request - with Grandma. Then today after church Linda took them out again to a movie while I worked on accomplishing things, and I had already promised the kids a pizza picnic movie night - so I'd call that a good day for them! And today after work (because yes, I have to go to work on a holiday) we are headed to a play date with friends and Todd will get back this evening. And off we go, into another week!
This kid is finally getting into Legos, he only needs help every now and then - he did four in a row one night!

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