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Hooray! We survived the first week back work/school/daycare/routine! Monday was rough for me - Carolina was crabby for a good portion of the week - we were all exhausted - but we made it! And honestly it already feels like we're back on track, except for the kids constantly singing Christmas songs :)
Carolina and I are starting a little Sunday night tradition of going to Walmart together for the weekly shop - it's so fast and easy, I love our Walmart. She helps me get the things on my list and we talk and take our time together, she's very excited when I ask her if she wants to go with me.
Liam and I have been playing a lot of Qwirkle together and bows and arrows - now that he has two, we see who can shoot each other the most :) We have been trying to have more relaxing-together evenings... working on those 2015 goals! Speaking of, I also only went to Target once all week! However I already have to go again to return somethings and get a few more things, and I'll probably go again on the weekend, because I'll be a single parent and Target is the best for getting everybody out of the house. Todd is going to San Antonio with his dad and brother for a guy's trip to see some Spurs games and eat a bunch of delicious food - lucky guy!  

Oh, here are some random pictures from the rest of Christmas break...
She calls this game "Two Mommies" HAHAHA
Who doesn't need to just veg on the couch with a blanket and pillow for a while?
Their favorite, Mexican restaurants (any will do pretty much) - but they are being a little too mischievious here

I've had a great weekend, and hate to see it go, but I know once it begins I'll be too busy to be sad about it! Todd and I went on a date with Coe and Stephanie, we went to Twigs again and saw The Imitation Game which was a really great movie, then came back to our house and played games until 3 am - 'cause we had no kids! The next day we were pretty tired, but after picking up the kids and doing a few things in Boise (the new Guru Donuts brick-and-morter is open!) - I literally laid on the couch and/or vegged for the whole rest of the day and it. felt. amazing.

The weather has been inversiony - but not too cold for a walk in BoDo

Liam starts basketball this week, practices on Wednesday and games on Saturday for the next 6 weeks. Should be fun to see how he does and if he likes it. Aaaaand that's all I can think of for now, I'm trying to get 3 posts in a week now to lighten the load a little - so we'll see how this new schedule works :)
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