Pin of the Week: Healthi(er) Breakfasts

Whole Wheat Banana Bread Recipe
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We are still trying to get out of the holidays eating habits - January is the hardest - so this week I tried out some new breakfast recipes to try to be a bit healthier in the morning and make sure I stay full until lunch so I don't snack.
Almond Joy Oatmeal - is delicious! No brown sugar, just a few chocolate chips, and with the crunch from the almonds and distinct coconut flavor it's yummy! No recipe needed really - just the idea :)
Whole Wheat Banana Bread - my freezer is about to burst with frozen over-ripe bananas, I need to use them up! Todd loved this bread, I felt it tasted healthy... it was good enough, but ya know, didn't taste like it was loaded with sugar. I think my palette has to adjust. But we ate it all, and half a slice was a good snack to keep me until dinner.
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