Must I?

Must I go back to the real world so soon?
I'm SO sad that the holidays are over, and it's really hard to believe that they are, honestly! Leading up to them, and during them, it's so busy busy busy - not that I'm complaining - it's fun and happy! And when they're over it feels saddish, dark, and a bit lonely, yet there's still plenty to do to recover. Today feels like the first day that I just did nothing but relax... and I think I need another week of it. I stayed in my lounge clothes, turned up the heat in the house, watched a movie with Todd, then window-shopped via the internet, all while ignoring a sink full of dishes, and an enormous pile of Christmas decorations in my bedroom.
But tomorrow is technically my last day of vacation.
Do I spend it doing more of this, or getting all the housework done before reality, or do I go into work and get caught up / ahead like I told myself I would? Hmmm... I haven't really blogged in forever it feels like, I'm having a hard time getting into the swing of this too!
We had New Year's Eve at our house this week - Curtises, Kellerers, McConnel's, and dad - we ate homemade pizzas and played games until the very anti-climactic potato drop. It was fun, but it just felt like a game night - not the turning of a year! Todd said the same thing. I don't know why we weren't feeling it... I think it just came and went faster than we were ready for it. I didn't even make any resolutions! But I do have some thoughts on a few changes I want to make:
Of course I plan to eat healthier and exercise more. But it's not really a resolution, just something I'm ready for after almost daily stomach-aches with all the rich holiday food. I'm done with soda and need to up my water intake since headaches have been problem lately too.
I'm so happy with how my house is transforming bit by bit into a lovely, cozy home, but I do want to continue working on it this year.
I also want to travel to some new places this year and see and do some things I've never seen and done. And go to Disneyland. Of course.
I think the biggest thing is that I'll be looking for more balance in 2015. Trying not to let one thing take over all of my time, like I've done, but try to really find more time for everything and less for some things. Like the internet. I've tried and failed at this before, but I almost feel sick of it as well. It just feels like a time-suck that's not beneficial enough to warrant the time spent. I also want to spend less time shopping. I go to Target. A. Lot. It is a happy place for me, but I just don't need to. I'd rather make my green chair in a quiet bedroom with a devotional or book, my happy place and save some money in the process. And lastly I think I want to work less. Maybe that sounds bad, but I feel like I spend my life hurrying to do school work, house work, or blog work and miss moments in the now. I think that's just at typical working-mom struggle, but still...
Celebrating the New Year is always a time of reflection on the past - thinking about how the kids have grown and changed in the last year - Liam starting school, losing teeth; Carolina moving out of diapers, cribs, and pacifiers; fun trips like Disneyland and D.C.; times that were not so great as well, like having financial hits one after another earlier in the year. And looking ahead to a new year and all that it will bring (like I can't believe Liam is turning 6 in just a few weeks!)
I plan to get to uploading some Christmas pictures soon - but my computer is on it's death bed, and I'm afraid putting more pics on it will be the straw that breaks it's back, so I've been hesitating - but promise I will get to it soon! It was SUCH a good Christmas, I mean really really a good one. I wish it could've lasted just a bit long. But all good things come to an end.. until I relive them through pictures and videos... so, to be continued...
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