Holiday Decorations

I know I posted some pics of these already... but here are more Christmas and my NYE decorations - mostly for my own sake, because I always go back to see what I've done in the past so I can just recreate it without having to invent the wheel. Although, this year I looked and I couldn't find any pics for what I did last year and DID have to start over... so I actually went pretty minimal with decor - I stuck with sparkly neutrals, silver, gold, white and I probably have 2-3 full bins of items I didn't display. I even pared down my nativity scene... I like the whole thing, I just thought it would end up being played with and pieces lost, since it's right on the kids' level. I did put a whole nativity upstairs, along with the tree, Christmas train, some Christmas pillows and a few other odds and ends that Todd likes. I also did the kids bathroom in a winter theme so it can hang on a bit longer, but other than the kids' little trees and their personal decorations that's all I did.

For New Years Eve I just wanted to keep some of that sparkle so I took down the Joy to the World (I should've thgouth ahead and had Jeran make me a Happy New Year banner), and added a little garland I found for $3 with white and gold dots, but up my homemade - not that wonderful Happy New Year bunting on the other wall, and some tinsel garland above the kitchen windows. I also switched out the entryway table decor for an awesome peace sign wreath found at Potterybarn and my tree collection. And quickly made a 2015 print. It felt just right for our laid back get together.

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