Christmas & Police Snappydog

Forgive my mish-mash of iphone and DSLR pics - at least I used my nice camera finally!
Can you tell what Police Snappydog is to Carolina? ..... Feliz Navidad of course! Ha!
We had such a GREAT Christmas! The week before was spent cleaning, cooking, watching Christmas movies, wrapping, and hanging out with the family including GG & Tessa. They are always a hit with the kids - playing with them, talking and singing with them, reading to them. Carolina and Tessa especially got into playing toys together, it was hilarious to listen to. I was so ready for a break - and even though it was busy, I didn't feel stressed or harried at all.

Ripley might not have been in the Christmas spirit
Todd's Christmas Eve eve project... 500 pieces + 5 hours = 1 adorable play kitchen
I LOVE my Christmas tree - it's my favorite decoration!
We went to Christmas Eve service at church, as usual, but the BEST PART was - when we walked out there was, to our amazement, a blanket of snow on everything and big flakes still coming down. I decided it was a Christmas miracle! Who doesn't want a white Christmas? And we weren't expecting one at all! 
Afterwards, we went to Linda and Steve's house for snacks and the cousins exchanged gifts. We had a good time, but we always have to cut it short so the kids can get to bed on time and not be cranky messes the next day. I was worried about it because of course as soon as break starts, we start letting them stay up later and later. I tried to keep them on schedule, but they probably were off by an hour. (As of yesterday we were all still sleeping in until 9 a.m. - uhoh). 
My family decided it would be best to have Christmas day at our house this year - they graciously worked around the kid's sleep schedule to be here before stocking opening, and to deliver the presents too. 
and as you can see... it was a lot of presents, there were even more around the corner. My living room can't handle it! I thought it was hilarious that nobody cared to empty them out of the boxes.
Yep, this was the best picture I got of the kids on Christmas day - what is wrong with me?! I had the DSLR out and everything, but we just got going and didn't want to stop!
I think this may have been my favorite Christmas yet! I cannot tell you how GOOD the kids were. Typically someone gets a case of the grumpies, or ungratefulness pops up, or something you know. But not today. I had had a talk with the kids about what Christmas was about giving presents or getting them. They of course told me it was about Jesus' birthday - my bad - I had to revise it to what does Jesus want us to do on his birthday, get or give? They said give. I told them because they are too little to buy presents the best present they could give is love and thankfulness.
I don't know if it was that talk, or just that they are the best kids in the world - but they were perfect. They were so happy with every present they opened, even clothes, they played with everything, they didn't ask for more. They didn't get impatient or grouchy. I was just so impressed. The day was happiness.
When can we start?!

This girl got spoiled - but she loved every last thing she got!

When Liam got his Disney Infinity 2.0 (his present from us - kind of a big deal) - he ran straight and hugged his dad... forget mom... but that's ok - they definitely have a a video game nerd bond.
Wearing her new sweatsuit, galoshes, helmet, while riding her new scooter.
bother, seestor, mother

At a mid-day break, this happened! Yay! I'm going to be an auntie again!
the presents are gone, but the happy mess takes over
Afterwards, we had a couple of hours to get Christmas dinner together. I ignored the mess and finished up my yule log for dessert while the kids played hard with their new toys. Dinner was delicious. And as the perfect end to the day we watched "White Christmas" - it had to be done. I was never so sad to see a Christmas Day end to be honest. This was one for the books blogs.
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