We decided to sign Liam up for basketball - actually we hemmed and hawed over whether we should sign Liam up for basketball. He's getting so good at soccer, and he's been going to unofficial practices/games during the off-season, which may or may not continue through basketball season. But finally, we just did it, sort of last minute. It's the Shooting Stars league through the Nampa Rec Center. $30, 6 practices and 6 games - so much cheaper than soccer, and also less gear to buy! It's a new experience for him because a) he's never played basketball before, and b) he's used to doing sports with friends, and he has none on this team. But you know, he didn't care about any of that. He was pumped before he started, and he still is! It's a little painful for us to watch because he so obviously has no idea what he's doing, and the other kids so obviously do - and the first game made me want to cover my eyes, but it's just as much a learning experience for me I guess! And now Todd is determined to take Liam over to the park to practice (it's different for Todd too, not being a coach). At any rate Liam is adorable, and with his long legs and height he looks like he could be good at the game, he just needs a lot more practice and a little more aggressiveness.

Look at those long legs! He's so big *insert sad face*
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