Living Room Update... sneak peak!

Remember when I said "Now all I need is a new pouf, lighting, a few pillows, and a fiddle leaf fig."? 
Well I got my wish!
A huge chunk of my Thanksgiving break time was spent at home giving my living room a makeover - or really, helping Jeran give it a makeover! I can't show you the whole thing until January when she posts it on her blog and the Land of Nod blog (they sent me a bunch of so cute stuff to decorate the new couch with!). I'm so excited.
We started working on it Thursday night. Shopped Friday and finished decorating. Saturday she came over and took bunches of pictures.
She did an excellent job. I totally love it. Nothing major changed - we didn't even paint! But the details make all the difference.
Here's a little sneak peak...

Made that wreath all by myself.... and a Youtube tutorial.

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